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  1. Gas Sampling Bags

    Description: TedlarPVF Gas Sampling Bags are constructed of 2-mil thick Tedlar with solid seam to keep gases contained.Tedlar film is polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film produced by DUPONT USA. In the late 1970s SKC USA used Tedlar film to make gas sampling bags for the first time, Tedlar PVF is strong, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds. Tedlar gas sampling bag can be used in high precision PPM level analysis sampling, can sample and save all kinds of corrosive gas and liquid samples, the heat-resistance temperature of Tedlar is 150170. For over 30 years, the SKC USA constantly promoted Tedlar to make users all around the world generally accepted Tedlar gas sampling bags and approved by USA EPA. At present Tedlar gas sampling bags are also recommended in domestic. Tedlar gas sampling bags are accredited by regulatory agencies in different countries and widely used indoor air sampling, waste processing yard gas sampling, soil sampling and other environmental protection application. Our Tedlar sampling bags come with renovated, patented valves. The materials of the valves are Polycarbonate(PC) or Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) or Polypropylene(PP); Depending on inlet orientation, there are two types of valves: one type is that the inlet in vertical to the film, the other one type is the inlet horizontal to the film, both valves have the same functionalities: has on/off function; has a sample cap with septum inside for syringe sampling purpose, both valves are easy to use. One advantage of horizontal valve(side opening) is touse less storage space. Low gas permeation levels
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